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What Differentiates us

Personal Experience Landing Offers

Our expertise is based on our personal successes in winning offers for the most coveted roles against the world's strongest candidates.

The fact that we’ve been in the trenches and battlefields ourselves, gives us a significant advantage in providing actionable and practical insights into landing high quality offers.

We believe leadership should come from those who’ve done it, not from those who preach and read about it.

Proven Track Record

We have built a long track record of success which we take tremendous pride in.

At the end of the day, we know the only thing that matters is results, and therefore have focused on producing a history of tangible results (more interviews, more offers, and more pay), and not on trying to sound smart or saying a bunch of buzzwords.

We believe that results will always speak louder than words.

Proprietary Strategy

Our strategy is not the same fluffy, generic, and recycled garbage you’ve heard 1,000x online.

The reason is because our proprietary strategy is derived from 2 sources: First, we teach from our personal experiences and successes on the front lines - not theory.

Second, we utilize a data-driven, scientific, and logical approach to landing high quality offers - not fluffy, touchy-feely, pseudoscience.

Hard Work 24/7

Honestly, producing results consistently like ours isn't easy and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't done it before – that’s why we work just as hard as we did when we were in Investment Banking and Private Equity.

We are a 24/7 organization and have even worked with people at 3 a.m. (and are happy to do so again when duty calls).

We do this because we believe generating outlier results, winning high quality offers, and being successful doesn’t magically happen between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., it’s a 24/7 endeavor.

Proprietary Network & Board of Advisors

We work hard to gain the respect from highly accomplished Executives, CEOs, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, all the way to Entry Level in multiple fields, and utilize these proprietary relationships as our competitive advantage.

Our strong proprietary relationships with successful individuals from all levels of the organization gives us a unique strategic, informational, and relationship advantage to help people win interviews and offers that otherwise wouldn’t have been won without Modern Career Advice.

Trusted Partner

We are trusted and depended upon by some of the most respected, selective, and prestigious Alumni Associations, Enterprises, and Startups to deliver tremendous value and results to their constituents and customers.

This trust was not handed to us lightly; we have earned this privilege by providing these organizations with truly unique and differentiated career strategies and insights that produce real results.

The only thing that matters is results.

Return on Investment
(1 Year Average)
Pay Increase
(1 Year Average)

Problems we solve

We believe that the people most qualified to give career advice are those who've actually landed top-tier jobs themselves. We don't have backgrounds in recruiting, headhunting, human resources, or career counseling/coaching. Our backgrounds are in landing high-quality offers.
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  • Pay
  • Role
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  • Unemployed
  • 1


    Don't get stuck

    The truth is — Every minute, every hour, every day that you're not working in the industry you want makes it exponentially more difficult to break in. Take action before it's too late. Now, if you're thinking to yourself "The industry I want is too competitive" or "I'm underqualified for the industry I want"... we once did too. Learn exactly how the people we've taught our strategies to broke into the industries they wanted »

  • $32k

    Pay Increase
    (1 Year Average)

    Don't get cheated, get the pay you deserve

    A company's goal is to pay you as little as possible to show up tomorrow and do the same job. Stop getting taken advantage of. There is real logic and fundamentally correct strategies to increasing your pay. On average, people who have used our strategies increased their pay by $31,673.15. Learn the strategies to get paid what you're worth »

  • 80%


    Life is too short to be unhappy

    The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime. That's 5.4 MILLION minutes! Did you really get a degree to spend THAT MUCH time doing something you don't like doing or insults your intelligence? AND YET, 80% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs! Learn how to not be the 80% »

  • 11

    Average # of Jobs per Person

    Don't Settle, Find The Perfect Match Now

    Everybody has that one perfect company that has all the qualitative and quantitative benefits they've always wanted. The perfect culture, team, pay, lifestyle, perks... The list goes on and on. Why deprive yourself of all that when you, quite frankly, deserve it? Learn how to end this madness »

  • 0


    It's not a death sentence

    If you've been laid off, let go, downsized, fired, or just plain unemployed — IT'S NOT A DEATH SENTENCE. If you execute and implement the right strategies, you will not be at a disadvantage when it comes to the quality of roles, pay, and companies. We've successfully helped people in all of those situations. Learn how to get back to work without sacrificing quality »

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Let's be honest, there's A TON of really generic and bad advice out there on how to land the job that you want.

Like you, we didn't have access to resources our competitors had and therefore had to systematically develop, test, and perfect our own strategies to outsmart and outcompete our competitors.

On average, people that have used our strategies accomplished the following...

We teach strategies that focus on optimizing fundamentals, not silly social media marketing fluff and resume tips/tricks. It's our deep understanding and relentless focus to the fundamentals that drives our success and is why our strategies drive results in ANY INDUSTRY and ANY ROLE.

Learn the exact strategies we use for free by clicking here »

Meet the Team

Our personal experiences and successes in landing multiple offers without Ivy League degrees, in some of the most competitive industries that were reserved for Ivy League candidates, gives us the unique ability to provide realistic, thoughtful, and actionable advice that is all focused to do one thing — land high-quality offers.

We bring the same intensity, sophistication, and strategic mindset from structuring multi-million dollar buyouts and maximizing investment returns to you, in order to optimize your largest asset — your career. Just because we give career advice doesn't mean we've changed our intensity, sophistication, or strategic mindset.




  • IPOs/Follow-ons: $406.1 million
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: $110.0 million
  • Issued Term Sheets: $75.0 million
  • Landed in aggregate of $1,634,000 worth of offers
  • Track record of 9+ years of positive ROI entrepreneurial & investment experience


Javier Bastante
Javier Bastante


Director, Channel Development
@ InsideView, Inc.

MBA, Santa Clara University

Javier Bastante
Joseph Bayne


M.D. Candidate
@ Columbia School of Medicine

Stanford University

Javier Bastante
Jim Chappell


Private Equity Investor
@ Technology Crossover Ventures

Stanford University

William Chung
William Chung

Managing Partner

Modern Career Advice
UC Davis

Ted Jaffe
Mariam Fazel


M.D. Candidate
@ UC Davis University School of Medicine

UC Davis

Ted Jaffe
Ted Jaffe


@ RingCentral (NYSE: RNG)

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Kathy Sung
Eugene Krimkevich


Business Development
@ MindBody

Haas School of Business
(UC Berkeley)

Desiree Lee
Desiree Li


M.D. Candidate
@ Stanford School of Medicine


Kathy Sung
Kathy Sung


Modern Career Advice
UC Berkeley

Javier Bastante
Sharvina Ziyeh


M.D. Candidate
@ Saint Louis University School of Medicine
UC Davis

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