Cal Alumni Association (UC Berkeley) Selects Modern Career Advice

to Teach Data-driven, Scientific, Analytical Job Search & Career Management Strategies

San Francisco, CA — Modern Career Advice, the leader in job search and career management strategies, announced that the UC Berkeley Alumni Association known as Cal Alumni Association (CAA) has selected Modern Career Advice to provide its proprietary strategy to the 100,000+ UC Berkeley alumni base.

“We are very excited to have entered into this partnership with Frank at Modern Career Advice,” said Elinor Tappé, Director of The Berkeley Network at Cal Alumni Association (CAA). “We seek out the best and most qualified partners to provide meaningful value to our alumni base. Frank's unique and dynamic strategies are based on his first-hand experience of winning offers in highly competitive situations. His strong client track record speaks for itself, so having him join our selective team of hosts was an easy decision for us.”

“We are equally excited to be partnering with CAA,” said Frank, Modern Career Advice’s Founder & CEO. “Elinor has worked very hard to make this partnership between CAA and Modern Career Advice possible. Her hard work and efforts in developing The Berkeley Network and this partnership is clearly appreciated and cherished by the entire UC Berkeley alumni base.”

The partnership between Modern Career Advice and CAA serves as evidence in the trend among universities and associations who are taking on the tremendous burden and responsibility of their alumni’s career success directly. An increasing number of universities and associations are raising the bar in terms of value and engagement that they deliver to their alumni, through their actions, by ensuring that the organizations and individuals they are entrusting to lead their alumni in job search and career success are those who have measurable client track records and personal successes in landing highly competitive offers.

UC Berkeley graduate Jerry Lee states, “I’ve received a great deal of career advice in my life, but they’ve all fallen short of making an impact. Frank is the right person to be teaching people how to land jobs. You can tell when Frank teaches his strategies that these are insights that only someone who’s been through the process and won offers himself would know. It’s hard not to get results from his advice and strategies. He is analytical in his approach, methodical in his technique, and rigorous in his analyses. His advice has allowed me to land multiple offers from companies I thought were out of reach and win a promotion within a year of starting that job. His strategies and the results he’s produced has profoundly changed my perspective of what is possible. I’m grateful for all he has done for me and I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today without his guidance. I’m glad to see all of my peers will have access to his wealth of knowledge.”

“There was never a business plan for this,” said Frank. “This all started when our first client randomly reached out to me years ago asking me to help him land offers for roles and companies that he deserved, but wasn’t getting, then having him refer someone, which led to another referral, and another, which then spiraled out of control to the point where I had a 2-month waiting list. The most shocking part about it was that I wasn’t even looking for clients — I didn’t have a website or a business card, and I didn’t spend one dollar on marketing. The fact that so many people reached out to me on their own volition is truly a testament to how large and pervasive of a problem this is. I’m here because I’ve been asked to be. So I view this partnership with CAA as a natural extension of what working professionals and alumni have been saying, but few have been listening to.”

Frank concludes with, “The fact that we are being trusted and depended upon by some of the most respected institutions, such as UC Berkeley and CAA, is a responsibility that we do not take lightly.”

About Modern Career Advice

Modern Career Advice focuses on providing job search and career management strategies based on its personal successes in winning offers for the most coveted roles against the world's strongest candidates. Additionally, Modern Career Advice has built a long track record of tangible results, which is helping working professionals land more interviews, more offers and more pay that they otherwise wouldn’t have landed without Modern Career Advice’s data-driven, scientific, and analytical strategies. Modern Career Advice has also developed strong proprietary relationships by gaining the respect of highly accomplished and successful individuals within all levels of an organization (Executives, CEOs, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, Entry-Level) in multiple fields, and utilizes these proprietary relationships to provide a unique strategic, informational, and relationship advantage to help individuals win more offers and more promotions.

About Cal Alumni Association

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) provides all Cal graduates with rewarding connections to the University, to fellow alumni, and to current students. Founded by the original graduates of the University of California in 1872, the Cal Alumni Association today represents nearly half a million alumni living throughout the world. With a mission of advancing and promoting the interests of the University, CAA is committed to providing essential programs and services designed to keep alumni of all ages and interests connected to the University and to each other.