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Part 1: Fundamentals

The $903,400 Job Search Mistake Everyone Makes And How To Avoid It

The reason why people aren’t able to land the offers they want is because they don’t understand what’s holding them back from landing offers – the answer will surprise you

  • The scientific reason why people receive low paying job offers,and what to do about it
  • Single biggest problem that prevents people from landing the job they want
  • The job search advice you’ve been using that is actually causing you not to land the offers you deserve

Part 2: Target Market

The Non-Substitutable, Non-Negotiable 1st Step To Landing Offers You Want

If writing your resume, applying for jobs, building your network, honing your interview skills are one of your 1st steps, then you’ve already set yourself up for failure – this is the correct first step

  • One of the most actionable, but overlooked ways to win more offers for the roles you want
  • The worst thing that could ever happen to you in your job search and how to avoid it
  • The important law of job search that you must follow if you expect to have a chance at winning the offers you want

Part 3: Solution Design

Bill Gates’ Strategy To Winning Job Offers

This is an important step you need to take if you expect to win job offers against other qualified candidates and for jobs where you don’t match the job posting’s requirement section

  • Most important variable to beating highly qualified candidates you’ll be competing against
  • The huge tactical error other candidates are making that you need to take advantage of if you expect to win
  • The most common, yet avoidable problem I see people make before they even start updating their resumes

Part 4: Resume

How To Write Resumes That Convert Into 12x More Interviews

Writing a resume using sexy adjectives, impressive numbers/ percentages, highlighting your accomplishments, and being results-oriented is only 1% of the battle – we will discuss the other 99% that matters

  • The conventional wisdom of resumes and applying to jobs that is making it difficult to land the interviews you want
  • The single, most important variable that we control to increase resume conversion rates by 12x
  • Why applying to more companies/jobs is actually preventing you from landing the jobs that you want

Part 5: Networking

How To Win Offers Before The Interview

Best believe there are tons of other highly qualified candidates who are going for the same jobs you are. Learn the competitive advantage you can use that your competitors can’t take away.

  • How to set yourself up to win the offer before you even interview, so that an interview becomes just a formality
  • 3 huge problems that applying online causes that prevents people from getting an offer letter, and how to avoid it
  • 5 unfair competitive advantages you need to be using if you expect to beat out more qualified candidates

Part 6: Interviewing

How To Get 3x More Job Offers By Interviewing Better

Consistently turning interviews into job offers isn’t based on luck or factors beyond your control. There are actual levers you can control to start collecting offer letters for the roles you want.

  • 4 non-avoidable techniques you have to use to win 64% of the interviews you go to
  • 7 variables that control your ability to land offers that no one else realizes exist
  • The true underlying fundamental problem to why even successful people don’t land offers

Part 7: Negotiation

Closest to Guaranteed Way to Negotiate 20%+ More Money

Sorry to say, but there is no magic pill or magic word to negotiating more money. However, there are specific things you have to do to win a negotiation 90%+ of the time

  • Why trying to show someone you’re worth more money is a terrible offer letter negotiation strategy
  • 2 psychological tactics that you need to use in order to successfully negotiate 20%+ more money
  • 4 cognitive biases that allow you to land offers from companies that you thought would never hire you


Frank Song
  • IPOs/Follow-ons: $406.1 million
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: $110.0 million
  • Issued Term Sheets: $75.0 million
  • Landed in aggregate of $1,634,000 worth of offers
  • Track record of 9+ years of positive ROI entrepreneurial & investment experience


Frank Song is a nationally recognized speaker and expert in landing top-tier job offers. His expertise is based on his personal successes in winning offers for the most coveted roles against the world's strongest candidates.

Since founding Modern Career Advice, Frank has taken working professionals who were once stuck in jobs where they were underpaid, intellectually unstimulated, and at companies with no career growth potential – to landing job offers for roles, pay packages, and from companies they thought were otherwise out of reach. He has accomplished these results by utilizing a data-driven, scientific, and logical approach to landing high quality offers.

Prior to founding Modern Career Advice, Frank was a Private Equity Investor at Accel-KKR, one of the only private equity firms, with $2.3 billion under management, dedicated exclusively to pursuing buyouts and structured investments in technology companies.

Prior to joining Accel-KKR, Frank was an Investment Banker at Stifel Nicolaus Weisel, where he executed mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and leverage buyout transactions.

Additionally, Frank worked at Kayne Anderson, a $30 billion alternative asset manager (co-founded by John Anderson for whom the UCLA Anderson School of Management is named after) where he focused on structuring private equity investments with founders and CEOs of growing private companies.

Frank graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.A. in Economics. While attending UC Davis, Frank fully funded his education by specializing in sourcing and executing distressed real estate investments. Frank has held the following licenses: Series 7, California Real Estate Broker’s License, California Life and Disability Insurance License.


These strategies came out of adversity and necessity.

I had to compete against some of the world’s most qualified candidates for some of the most coveted roles.

My goal was always to work at one of the best private equity firms and learn how to be a true world-class technology investor.

The only thing standing in my way was the plethora of candidates who were working at top investment banks (Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley) with Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT degrees, who wanted the job just as badly as I did.

I didn’t work at those banks and I didn’t go to any of those schools. However, I knew I could do the job. It was clear I was the underdog.

There was no way I was going to win using the traditional approach.

I had to develop strategies and tactics, and reevaluate/rethink the traditional approaches and conventional wisdoms in order to have a fighting chance to outmaneuver and outcompete my competitors.

I had to forget everything I had ever learned about finding a job. Every blog post. Every piece of advice. Every rule I had been told.

It all had to go.

If I kept doing the same thing, I was just going to get the same results.

So, like a mad scientist, I spent 1,000s of hours diagramming the entire job search process, then breaking it down to its sub-components, then broke those down into their sub-components, then again and again and again, until I went 10-15 layers deep and I couldn’t go any further.

I did this so I could understand every single variable I could control in order to predictably and consistently generate job offers for the roles I wanted.

In the end, I accomplished the “impossible” and landed a role at one of the world’s best technology private equity firms. It was one of the best feelings of my entire life.

The following is my life’s work, research, experience and expertise in focusing on 1 topic: landing offers for the jobs I wanted.

I sincerely hope you learn a tremendous amount. See you at the top.

Frank Song


This guide is actually for everyone. We’ve had people with Harvard and Stanford MBAs all the way to those with just undergrad degrees that took away a deep, important, and new way to approaching the job search process and landing the offers they want.

We’ve had people who are senior directors and C-level executives who were looking for an extra edge, all the way to those who are starting their careers and didn’t truly understand the proper strategies, and everyone one else in-between.

We’ve had people adopt our strategies in practically every field as well: business analysts, finance (investment banking, private equity, FP&A, etc.), engineering/technology (programming, hardware, etc.), supply chain, human resources, marketing, accounting,

The common denominator you’ll see is that the strategy is the same (it’s just played at different levels of difficulty and sophistication).


This guide is meant to be used in order. Each section builds upon the section before it. The first half, part 1 – 3, is all about laying the foundation, then the following parts 4 – 7 is where the new fundamentals are applied to approaching the job search process with more of an advantage.


  1. Isabella Ferreira

    My oh my! This is a fantastic guide! I’m very happy I found it. Please share more!

  2. matt cadron

    Amazing guide! Great information in a hard-hitting package. Never seen anyone approach the job search process quite like this before. Heard your webinar from Haas UC Berkeley and found your site. Thanks for the great information!

  3. Johnny Chen

    Wonderful guide! Frank is the best in his business! He brings new insights in a clear and concise manner! Absolutely fantastic.

  4. Tim Eng

    This guide really distills and clarifies what a job hunt fundamentally is and provides strategies on how to really win offers. It really takes the unnecessary mystique out of job hunting.

    I am sure I will refer to this guide from time to time.

  5. Emily Chan

    This guide was very informative and gave me perspective on my job hunt journey.

  6. Antoine Nguyen

    Really enjoyed reading through this guide! Each part was compelling to look through, offering an unconventional and new perspective on the job search and interview processes.

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    What I appreciate about this guide is not only the fact that it was produced by a trustworthy guy with many achievements, but also that it breaks down the job hunting process step-by-step. Though the process is not simple and there are, in reality, many complicated aspects of it, this guide does an amazing job of making those steps clear and ousts any mystery that job hunting presents. This guide is undoubtedly the best when it comes down to analyzing and informing the reader about the job hunt journey all the while doing it in an innovative way that caused me to think and take on new perspectives.

  8. Roshan s.

    This guide is fantastic! It reslly shatters commonsense ideas about job hunting and offers highly unconventional wisdom. Worth the read!

  9. Tony Tran

    An amazing job search guide made by an even more amazing person. He breaks down the complicated job search and interview process in a step-by-step guide with ease and confidence, keeping the reader engaged. What was once confusing to understand is now delivered, in this guide, succinctly and concisely. Each part kept drawing me in, opening my perspectives and making me want to learn more. Without a doubt, this guide is the best when it comes to informing the reader about the job hunt process and its many complicated parts.

  10. Sarah N.

    Interesting and unique take on an issue so many people face.

  11. Andrew Tran

    A friend recommended me this website and I was immediately entranced once I watched the first video of “Part 1: Fundamentals.” Mr. Frank Song exudes vibrant energy and passionately walks us through the journey of building up the core career values and job searching techniques unique to any other guide I have seen. He lays out clear, actionable steps that utilizes in-depth analysis of the job market, and he provides logical evidence that support his claims.

    I would definitely share this gem with my peers and I can’t wait to learn more!

  12. Kyle

    Hi Frank, I didn’t know where I could connect with you to talk about your services. I was introduced to you and your strategies from my colleagues who are UCB grads. They told me to check out you site, and I was left speechless and very impressed. I really learned more than I have ever about career search. Your strategies made me think over the last couple of days. I have put in my e-mail address in this form. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. THANKS!


    • Hey Kyle,

      My name’s William, and I work directly with Frank @ Modern Career Advice. We definitely appreciate the kind words and it’s great to hear that you’re deriving a lot of value from our strategies.

      If you’d like, I can be reached directly at and we can find some time to chat further.


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